Wednesday, January 07, 2009

World War Z- Max Brooks

My son has been after me to read this for a long time. I am not a huge fan of zombie books, but I am glad I read this one! Max Brooks, according to my son, is the Foremost Expert on Zombies. I'd say that assessment is correct. This book was terrific! Told as a journalist interviews survivors after the Zombie War, he travels all over the world hearing really amazing accounts of survival, heroism, and heart breaking tales of how people managed to avoid a walking death. Some of the stories brought me to tears, some made me cheer for the people (not soldiers, just regular folks) who used all their wits to defeat the gray horde. A blind gardener became a hero, a computer gamer escapes and survives by tying sheets together, just good fun! I should have read this sooner, but it sure helped during a trying time!
(The Man is doing better. He had a cardiac cath yesterday and is doing ok today so WOO HOO)


  1. My son has also been telling me about this one. Didn't seem like my thing, but maybe I'll give it a try :-)

  2. I didn't think it was my thing either, but it was actually pretty good!