Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Salon-What’s going on

sunday salon
This week was a good reading week and a bad week for Tinkerbelle.
(motor home formerly known as The Beast)

Tinkerbelle was parked in her storage space, minding her own business when some a-hole hit the truck parked next to her and pushed him into her side. Poop!

Reading was good- I won The Girl Who Played with Fire, but now I have to shave my head.

I read The Lie, Now What, Mercury in Retrograde (review is coming) , Dancing with Ana (review is coming), and Julie and Julia. I have been reading the original blog from Julie and Julia Project. It is so funny. It makes me wish I could cook better, or butter as it were.

I got 2 Diane Mott Davidson books from the library to catch up with Goldie, and the third Frankenstein book by Dean Koontz. So I have a little bit of reading to do. I am down to one ARC and will get it done this week.


  1. Okay--I'm new to your blog so maybe I missed something. Why do you have to shave your head?

  2. I've got Julie and Julia on my TBR mountain.


  3. I said when I entered to win The Girl Who Played with Fire, that I would shave my head to win it! When I was picked, they said grab those