Saturday, March 13, 2010

Read My Pins

Madeleine Albright has written a charming, funny and very interesting book about the use of her pins in diplomacy. For example, if talks were dragging, she wore a turtle pin. If she was feeling patriotic, she wore one or two of her Americana pins. The history that is sprinkled throughout the book is just fascinating.

As Albright rose through the ranks of government, her pin collection grew and grew. People gave her pins, she bought many, and most were costume jewelry. She became known for her pins, and the press tried to read her mood through her pins.

This is a short, but terrific look behind the scenes of our former Secretary of State, a delightful and witty woman.

I got this book from my local Library.


  1. I have this one checked out from my library too! (For the second time. Had to return it unread the first time.)

  2. i had never heard about this. A unique woman.

  3. I simply adore Madeleine Ablright and wish she had been born a US citizen so she could have ran for president. Magnificent woman and great review. I'm getting to reread her book, Madame Secretary.

  4. I saw MA speak when she was in Pittsburgh a few years ago. It was really interesting and inspiring!

    I even wrote a question for her to answer about Gilmore Girls, but they never picked mine! :(


  5. want! Want real bad!