Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Questionable Therapy

Steve Godofsky has written a novel about a couple in crisis. Stacy is in therapy, several times a week, at the insistence of her husband Rick, after several suicide attempts. Much of the story is told through the one on one therapy sessions and through flashbacks.

Rick's family was never sure that she was the right choice for a wife, her mother has issues (drinking and missing her deceased husband), and Stacy is suffering from bouts of serious depression. She has started drinking to numb her pain, as well.

As Stacy falls further apart, Rick connects with a fellow law student, a part time stripper. He tries to resist, but he is lonely and upset about his wife's condition, but he is a man after all.

Meanwhile, someone is lusting after Stacy. Unable to control his desires, he decides to act upon them, with shocking results, revealing the darkest place of the human soul.

"Questionable Therapy" had a few continuity problems, and the ending was rather abrupt. Although I sympathized with some of the characters, I never really connected. So for me this one was just okay.

I received this book from the author for review.

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