Monday, October 25, 2010

Mercury Falls Re-Release Tomorrow!!!!!

This is a reprint in honor of the re-release of Mercury Falls tomorrow! A new cover and according to Rob, fewer typos. I loved this book and still do.

OMG--This is one funny book! You should be warned, however, not to wear white while reading. The coffee you snort and spray out of your nose will stain! Brown t-shirts should be sold at the same time.

Robert Kroese has written about the End of Days, where Mercury, an angel, is supposed to assist with the end of the world, but he is more interested in making Rice Krispy treats, and snowmen. (of course it only snows where he is standing)

Christine Temetri is a reporter for a religious news magazine, tracking down cults and searching for the truth. When she meets Mercury, all HELL breaks loose. They accidentally save the Antichrist, a slacker named Karl, from assassination by a fanatic with a gun, and have to drag his complaining butt all over while they negotiate with angels and demons, and lawyers to save the world.

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If the end of time is really this funny, I will not worry about 2012 at all!

I received this book from the author..Thanks Diesel!

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