Friday, January 07, 2011

Lost Lustre-Josh Karlen

Josh Karlen has written a terrific memoir about the lost days of decades, not so long in the past.

From his terrifying childhood in the projects of Alphabet City, to the dives where he followed music, Karlen writes beautifully. Remembering a friend, a musician and writer who died too young, his words are heartbreaking. Even though they had not been in touch for years, the death greatly affected him.

When Karlen writes about his first love, it made me remember those feelings, long forgotten.

Looking at photos, finding himself wearing a hat he has no memory of, he finally remembers his hat.

The way he writes expresses how I feel as I get older, how memories are tricky. Having a sudden revelation about his forgotten hat, is like finding a memory, hidden and thought to be long lost. Memory is funny that way. Good or bad, suddenly something comes flashing back, and it is ours again.

I received this book from Library Thing Early Reviewers. Thank you!!

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