Tuesday, February 08, 2011

In Office Hours-Lucy Kellaway

This is really the stories of two women, Stella, married to a successful documentary filmmaker, with children, middle aged and at the top of her game, and Bella, a young, single mother, doomed to be an assistant at the bottom rung of the success ladder. They both work for a major British Energy Company. They are both foolish women.

Stella embarks in an affair with a much younger assistant, leading to a bad end. Bella embarks in an affair with her boss, never a good idea. It made me wonder what the heck was wrong with these gals? Do they not read? Do they not watch movies? Do they want drama and heartbreak?

Things for both women start out fun and exciting, but quickly, the bloom is off the rose, as things go downhill. Dating a married man is never a good idea, and dating your employee can get you into hotter water than you can imagine. I am not sure about the laws in England, but here you are asking for it.

Stella was blinded by flattery, and attention. Bella thought she was finally being recognized, and saw a way out of poverty for herself and her daughter. I can see the excitement for both of them, but it seemed unrealistic to imagine it in real life.

As the downward spiral began for both Stella and Bella, I just wanted to slap them both.

I read a review just yesterday, that said it was a biting, funny look at business life. I am sad to say, I did not find it funny or biting. I thought it was just sad. (And the Stella Bella thing just bugged me)

Unfortunately, I won't be recommending this one. I did not hate it, but it was not my cup of tea at all. If you think you might be interested, check out some other reviews, and take your chances.

I received this e-book from Net Galley.

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