Monday, June 06, 2011

Driftwood Cottage-Sherryl Woods

Heather Donovan has moved out of the home she shared with Connor O'Brien, taking her son to the charming town of Chesapeake Shores, where his family lives. While they are thrilled to have them nearby, Connor is not so happy. He is not on the best terms with his parents, who have divorced and remarried (each other). As a divorce lawyer, Connor is convinced that marriage is not for him. Unfortunately, Heather wants to marry him, more than anything.

When he finds out that Heather has moved to his hometown, he is not happy, but he is not going to give Heather what she wants, marriage. His career has turned him against even considering marriage as an option. He loves Heather and his son, but he has made it clear from the beginning that there will be no wedding.

Embraced by his large and loving family, who are not subtle with their hints to Connor, Heather opens a quilt shop and begins her new life with Connor coming to visit, often. With his big, fun, wacky family, pushing him, he resists even more, but he also discovers he is becoming a person he does not want to be. He decides to quit his job, and join the only lawyer in town.

When tragedy strikes, Connor is forced to consider his life without Heather.

Do they finally get together? Can an old rundown cottage finally get these two together?

This is a  perfect beach read! Of course it has a happy ending, but always remember, it is the journey, not the destination.

I really like this book. It was charming and the characters were well written and believable. Woods is a deft writer, taking us on a journey over rocky roads, to a conclusion that will tug your heart, and make you remember why we read "Chick Lit". (BECAUSE IT IS FUN!!!)

I received this book from Planned Television Arts for review. Thank You!

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