Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long Story Short

This will be a semi-regular feature here on Life Happens.  Basically, it will be my pet peeves with blogs, and bloggers, as well as catching up on personal stuff.

My first peeve is a tiny one…why, oh why do you make you writing in yellow? or something so pale it cannot even be read? I have many blogs in my reader, and I don’t have time to adjust for every weird thing I cannot read. So I deleted your blogs from my reader after a long frustrating time. Sorry!

Next is the blogger who has 19 entries all on the same day. I mark  you as all read. Why oh why can’t you schedule them to run over a few days? You remind me of Harriet Klaussner, from Amazon. It just makes me crazy! (maybe I am)

Last for this time, is book trailers…what is up with that? It is a book, not a movie. I like to picture the characters in my head, not what some slick producer thinks they look like. So when I see them, I pass.

On a personal note, I did go to the movies and saw Harry Potter. It was a wonderful conclusion to a great series. It makes me sad but happy at the same time, since it was done so well. (now I am resting up from my outing)

We have been watching a lot of movies at home. Red Riding Hood, Rango, and I spent a weekend watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. (pretty good, a decade late, don’t you think?)

And on our last trip we listened to our first audio book! It was the perfect length and ended as we pulled up to the house!! Talk about timing.

Enough about me…..what are your pet peeves?


  1. I agree with you on the book trailers. I prefer to imagine the characters on my own.

  2. I agree about the light font, and I also get frustrated with unreadable fonts. As for the numerous postings per day, I guess it depends on whether it's a regular occurrence, or just that the blogger switched platforms and is updating new posts. In the latter case, I'll just mark all as read but not unsubscribe, but in the former case, I get a bit frustrated.

  3. There are so many blogs to follow with such interesting content I agree it's hard to stick with one that for mechanical and easily fixable reasons is just not readable. As for book trailers, as an author who gets asked - Do you have a trailer? I'm not convinced they're worth the expense either. I keep telling myself it's all about the words - that's what books are - so why a trailer? The marketing part of my brain says, Yes, but it's a way to promote to folks who are more visual. I can tell you I rarely look at them myself so they're not a good marketing tool for me. As for movies, I loved Harry Potter too - whole family did. It was sad saying goodbye to old friends, yes. I loved Rango also - so did my son. LOTR - wow that was just great, wasn't it. Thanks for the post.

  4. Yes, yes, the light colored text on a light background, hmmm, who thought that was a good idea. I just finished deleting several blogs from my google reader, too. Also, I'm not fond of music on a blog, you know, background music, of course, I hit the mute button, that's easy enough. Thank's for the opp. to mention what bugs me.

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Oh pet peeves...

    1) I agree with you on book trailers, never watch them (I never watch vlogs either, but mainly because I sit with my computer in front of the TV)

    2) Automatic music, gives me half a heart attack and is often rubbish music.

    3) so many memes I can't find a review. I read book blogs for reviews (I only occasionally read memes, and only take part in The Book Blog Hop)

    4) When people post on your blog basically saying visit my blog, I always visit people who comment on my blog anyway but I hate it when they are telling me too!

    5) Reviews of product not connected to books on a book blog. I don't care. I immediately click off a blog that is reviewing products they were given free

  6. The pale writing on a light background gets me, too. Also, long rambles, but I am guilty of that one more often than I'd care to admit.