Monday, January 21, 2013

All in a Heap

all in a heap

I have been all in a heap (as my father would say) for months. My RA is bad, my heart failure is not good, my fibro is okay, for now, but the cold is getting to me. The fam is having so many issues and I just haven’t had my heart in blogging. My blog looks all in a heap too. Damn it all….I need to get my messes cleaned up!

My room and closet look like a bomb went off and my tub is full of handbags! I had resolved to clean my closet and discovered that I had more clothes than I would wear in 100 years. Since I rarely go out, I have no need for that ballgown. Why do I hem and haw about getting rid of stuff? I really want a spare space, uncluttered by stuff, and I am having so much trouble getting there.

I have thousands of books and they are not going anywhere, since I am still hoping for my library. (hear that, love??)  I need one really good chair and I will be a happy girl.

I have been reading and hope to have the energy and ability to post some short reviews very soon. (I know I said that a while ago, but this time I mean it dammit !!!!!!)

Here’s hoping you are all still around and I have been reading your blogs regularly.  Hope to see you all soon!!

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  2. I'm so glad you're back! Boo to the spammer above.

    1. Ha delete to them....they have been smited!!