Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who’s your bookseller, baby???

stack of books

I love books! (duh, book blog) I have always loved books. I remember walking to school, 2 quarters in hand for my lunch, passing the first garage sale I ever saw, a long table of books laid out. I was quite the array of books, all kinds of books. My third grade hands started to sweat. I approached the table, afraid to touch anything for fear of damaging them. A kind lady asked if she could help me and I pointed to a huge (I was little at the time) book that had caught my eye and asked her how much it cost.She said “ I think 50 cents is fair, don’t you?” She wrote 50 cents on the flyleaf in pencil and told me to pay the lady with the cigar box. I was now the proud owner of a huge book, “Best Loved Poems for American Children”. The book fed my soul far more than any school lunch would have fed my body. I still have the book with the fading pencil mark on my shelf, and I still love it.


My next and current bookseller love goes to Tattered Cover. I fell in love when I lived downtown and it was a short hop, skip and jump to get to the big four story shop in Cherry Creek.

For years, I bought my books there, along with bookish gifts and magazines. I was always greeted with a smile by the knowledgeable, friendly staff, happy to make suggestions and introduce me to new authors. The above photo is my current Tattered Cover, opened some years after I moved to the hinterlands. The staff is wonderful and as always helpful with advice. The readings are superb and I have never walked out empty handed.


arches book

When on the road to our beloved Moab, Utah, this was my bookstore. The Arches Book Company was the perfect small town haven. If you needed a read, they always had something to offer. Sadly, the store closed, meshing into Back of Beyond across the street. It is just not the same. The coffee brewing, the used book section, the creaky wood floor are sorely missed. But see that oval sign?? It is hanging in my house!!

All of this actually has a point. The book I am reading, “My Bookstore” is a compilation of essays from over 80 authors, talking about the joys of their local shops. It is heaven! It made me think of my bookstores, booksellers and the joy of reading.

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  1. Love Tattered Cover, all three locations but the downtown especially. In 4th Grade teacher, Mrs. Geller, read The Kay to my class. Still remember it to this day. Fell in love with sounds, text, and the images they created in my mind.

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