Friday, August 15, 2014


 broken tabSo my tablet is dead…never try at home repair. I need the tablet to read, since I have so much trouble holding books lately. Of course I had to order a new one immediately. I have to finish my library books!

mr mercedes

I just finished “Mr. Mercedes” by Stephen King. He kept me up all night with the tale of a crazy killer, who ran over and killed several people waiting in line for a job fair.  His skill at remaining anonymous was very clever. (but I still wanted our hero to catch him)

The plot was thoughtful and thrilling, and the hero was my favorite kind of guy. Older, retired, overweight, just like me. Kids, computers, and a few extra characters, all made for a good story.

Stephen King has written some of my all time favorites, and some of my all time icks, but I enjoyed the sleepless night and all day marathon I spent reading this one.

If you are a fan, pick it up. I did, and I liked it a lot!

I got this book from my library.

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  1. Sorry about your tablet. I had the same situation last year and it was so maddening. The waiting was truly the hardest part. The Stephen King novel is on my wishlist; it sounds really good.

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